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Prekės kodas: 78124


Product description
Cordless multi-function oscillating tool from Sthor (body without battery and charger).

Recommended during repairs, renovations and renovation works. It allows cutting furniture boards and undercutting doors without laminate damage, cutting panels and skirting boards. It is used for cutting, plunge cutting without drilling, grinding in hard-to-reach places, removing residual adhesive for tiles and paint coatings of metal and wooden surfaces, as well as scraping wallpaper.

easy and very safe operation - the effects of work the first time
cutting with high frequency vibration does not cause splintering or dusting
simple power regulation adapted to the material being cut and the requirements of the working person
Allen clamping fits open and closed saw blades
rubber handle makes it easier to hold the tool securely
we offer a durable Li-Ion 12 V 1.5 Ah (78130) battery that also matches other Sthor tools from the same series
Contents of the package
- a multifunctional oscillating tool without battery and charger
Technical data
Index number 78124
Brand Sthor

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