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Akumuliatorinis gręžtuvas / suktukas bešepetėlinis be akumuliatoriaus (YT-82795)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82795


Product description
Brushless cordless screwdriver - device without batteries and charger. Set with battery and charger No. YT-82794

Key product features:

high speed 0-2000 revolutions per second in the second gear
brushless motor
high torque
metal gear housing
drill chuck 13mm
Ergonomic body simplifying the strong pressure when drilling in metal

SYSTEM 18 volts

The 18 V system is a series of YATO battery tools that are powered by the same durable battery. Each device can be purchased in a set with a battery and a quick charger or a solo, which is an ideal solution when you expand your tool set.

Battery powered gives you freedom and greater comfort of work. In addition, YATO cordless tools are durable, handy and perfectly balanced. So that working with them is a pleasure.

Power, modernity, refined solutions - all of this is offered in a series of 18 V devices, created for the most demanding users and professionals.
There is no need to buy many batteries and chargers for other tools. With the 18 volt system, you save money, space at home and the environment!
When your requirements grow, the 18-volt collection also grows. A wide range of tools for home, workshop and garden makes it possible to create a set that you really need.
Technical data
Index number YT-82795
Brand Yato
LED illuminating the workplace yes
Maximum torque [Nm] 42
Application Wood and metal
not a stroke
Number of batteries in the set 0

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