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Dildė / oblius gipso kartonui 140 mm (25307)

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Prekės kodas: 25307


Product description
Tarnik is popularly referred to as gypsum board rasp. It consists of a holder, a body to which the working part is attached from the bottom, made of high quality steel with the symbol 65 Mn. The working length is 140 mm, the width is 40 mm. It has specially shaped holes and profiled recesses so that it does not get clogged when working in a variety of materials and especially in a very difficult material such as gypsum. In the event of wear, blunt grater can be easily replaced by ourselves. Graters with teeth for different materials are available.
In the 25307 rasp a high-quality grater has been installed for effective processing of various materials such as gypsum, wood, non-ferrous metals, composites and plastics.
There is also a spare grater, dimensions 140 x 40 mm - index number YT-61679
Purpose / use
For efficient, fast processing of many difficult materials, mainly gypsum boards, wood, non-ferrous metals, composites.
It should work like a file.
Technical data
Index number 25307
EAN 5906083027277
Brand Vorel
PCS unit
Gross weight (kg) 0.1420
Master Carton MC 60
Inner Box IB 15
Pal 720

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