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Diskinis pjūklas | 2000W | 235 mm (YT-82153)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82153


Strong 2000 Watt chain saw, diameter 235 mm.
Wide cutting range makes it easy to work on carpentry and roofing, rafter cutting, scantlings and masonry.
It has a switch that allows for right-handed and left-handed operation.
The bearing seat is made of high strength aluminum alloy, which provides greater resistance to vibration and faster heat transfer.
The rigid cutting guide and the saw base ensure extraordinary precision and a large range of cutting adjustment along the edges of boards and boards.

The dustproof switch provides reliable operation in difficult working conditions.
For cutting scantlings, sawn timber with large cross sections or multiple OSB slabs, which saves time and preserves dimensional precision.
How to use
With discs with a diameter of 235 mm.
Technical data
Index number YT-82153
EAN 5906083821530
Mark Yato
Unit SZT
Gross Weight (kg) 10.0000
Cutting depth 83mm
Power [W] 2000
Rotational speed 4500 rpm
Size of the disc is 235x25,4x3
Diameter [mm] 235

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