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Elektrinis pjūklas su dvigubu disku 900W/125 mm (79255)


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Prekės kodas: 79255


Product description
Equipped with special counter-rotating discs, the machine offers the possibility of simultaneous cutting of steel with wood, inserting in any material, cutting steel angles, profiles, sheet metal (without melting galvanized).
The amazing utility of a two-disk saw is the lack of recoil when cutting even thin sheets, polycarbonate, steel and wood.
Even cutting the construction elements in the space constrained by the operator is much safer and more precise than using an angle grinder or a regular saw.
The Power Up double-disc saw consists of two counter-rotating cutting discs. Thanks to this type of device there is no so-called. The effect of recoil from the cut material. Because of the symmetrical operation, the forces produced by the two shields are leveled off, allowing for very precise cutting. This is particularly advantageous when the disc is inserted into the material. In addition, the Power Up 79255 two-disk saw can cut back, back and easily penetrate cut material. Double-disk saw is ideal when there is no place to attach the traditional cutter bar to the cut material.

One of the biggest advantages of this saw is safety and precision cutting. The first two-disk saw was created by Frank Sciamma, a French firefighter who wanted to work with a device that allows safe and precise cutting of various materials. His invention was the result of an accident in which his friend lost an eye while cutting a broken car using a traditional circular saw. In the rescue operations, precision and safety of cutting is a top priority, and the rejection of the operation exposes the safety and health of both the casualties and their rescuers.

Power Up 79255 dual-disk saws for cutting performance and durability. Wood, OSB or MDF, plywood, PVC, plexiglass, colored metals, steel and plasterboard - all with one set of discs. Since the counter rotating discs require only minimal cutting force, it is even possible to cut the eggshell without crushing it. Thanks to counter-rotating cutting discs, the cutting edge is smooth and uncluttered. Such versatility saves time, which we would otherwise have to sacrifice for the replacement of the cutting discs.

The Power Up 79255 double-disk saw has a disc cover with a grease feeder. It is also equipped with a convenient extra handle that can be fixed perpendicular (pictured) or transverse.

Destination / Application
For cutting straight and dents such as:
- wood with steel
- plywood, PVC
- plexi
- colored metals
- steel, metal, metal sheet (without melting galvanized sheet)
- plasterboard
Contents of the package
- Power Up 79255 double-disk saw
- 10 discs for spreading discs
- key to dismantle the shields
- additional handle
- an additional element allowing the transverse fixing of the handle
- user manual
Technical data
Index Number 79255
EAN 5906083792557
Brand Power Up
Unit SZT
Gross Weight (kg) 4.2500
Master Carton MC 4
Pal 72
Cutting depth 30mm
Power [W] 900
Rotational speed 4200 rpm
Disc size 125
Diameter [mm] 125

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