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Offered wrench has the function of adjusting the torque with which you want to tighten the screws or nuts. It enables tightening of bolted connections using a specific force (torque) necessary for fusion elements. Control of this parameter is very important for professional applications, especially when installing complicated equipment. Until the desired size is set by rotating the key ring on the handle to the nearest 1 Nm.

The key has a square end caps for fixing the size of 1/2 ". The tool has a long handle (460 mm), allowing tighten the screws with a torque range from 42 to 210 Nm ..

Made of high quality chrome vanadium steel CrV. This is an alloy of iron and other additives, most important of which is chromium and vanadium. Steels of this type have excellent properties. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and high load. Thanks to the fine structure of the alloy castings have a very hard surface.

The key is distinguished by high functionality and excellent technical parameters.

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1. Karolis
2018.04.20 15:14

Reikia pakeisti aprasyma ant dezutes raso nuo 28 iki210

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