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Generatorius benzininis 2,5kW (YT-85432)

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Prekės kodas: YT-85432


Product description
A generator is an electrical-mechanical device in which mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. Generator consists of co-operating: internal combustion engine and generator.

The generator is sold complete and does not require mounting.

Recommended fuel, unleaded petrol with octane rating above 93.

Destination / Application
Generation of electricity.
How to use
Start-up of the internal combustion engine.

Before starting the generator, disconnect all electrical equipment from the sockets of the generator. Turn fuel valve lever to ON position. (VII)

Move the choke lever in the direction of the arrow. (VIII) Set the motor switch to ON. (IX)

Smoothly pull the starting rope to the perceptible resistance caused by the compression of the engine, then pull a vigorous, determined motion. (X)

Release the handle of the starting rope as soon as the engine starts.

As the engine warms up, reverse the suction lever to its initial position. After each change in the position of the suction lever, wait until the engine is running smoothly. The return speed of the suction lever depends on the atmospheric conditions in which the engine is started. The lower the ambient temperature, the slower the return.

Connection of electrical devices to the generator

WARNING! Do not connect an electric generator with a rating higher than the rated power of the generator. When connecting more than one device, their total rated power must be less than the rated power of the generator.

WARNING! Check that electrical equipment connected to the generator has electrical parameters that match the electrical parameters of the generator.

Start the engine according to the procedure described in "Starting the engine". Make sure that the connected electrical appliances are off. Connect the equipment to the sockets of the generator. (XI) Switch the power switch to the ON position. (XI) Switch on the electrical appliance. If the connected device has higher power than the generator, the generator will turn itself off. In this case, you must disconnect the connected device. If more than three loads are connected, they must be switched on in order of current consumption. First switch on the load that consumes the highest current, then successively turn on the load that draws the lower current.

Do not turn on several devices connected to the generator at the same time. Electrical appliances usually get the most current when starting up. After switching on the device connected to the generator, wait until the load reaches a stabilized operating mode. Only then can you turn on the next device.

Stopping the engine

Turn off electrical equipment connected to the generator. Disconnect the electrical device from the generator.
Switch the socket switch to the OFF position. Turn the motor switch to OFF. Lever
Turn the fuel valve to the OFF position.

Technical data
Index number YT-85432
EAN 5906083854323
Mark Yato
Unit SZT
Gross Weight (kg) 45.0000
Master Carton MC 1
Power [kW] 2.5
Rated current [A] 10.9
Voltage [V] 230
Frequency [Hz] 50
Sound level [dB] 96
Dimensions [L x W] X width x height] 620x580x540
Weight [kg] 48
Fuel type Unleaded petrol
Tank capacity [l] 15
2x 230 sockets
Fuel consumption [l / h] 2.2
Capacity of the oil pan [l] 0.6
Type oil SAE 15W-40
Automatic Voltage Stabilization Yes

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