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Gipso kartono plokščių pakėlimo pedalas (04750)

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Prekės kodas: 04750


Indekso numeris 04750
EAN 5906083008214
Gamintojas Vorel
Bendras svoris (kg) 0,4380
Ilgis [mm] maždaug 215
Matmenys [mm] apytiksliai 215 x 75 x 65

The lever is made of steel designed to lift the plasterboard during assembly. The surface of the lever protected against corrosion, powder coated.
While pressing the lever foot, raise and maintain mounted plate a few centimeters up. We can in this position pre-fix. It could also serve as an effectively functioning hook for tightening and registration plates. The big advantage is that the use of leverage can perform these actions of one person. Another practical application of leverage is using it for settling a hinged door. Pressing the foot on the floor lying on the levers hover standing at the door to the desired height and freely maneuvering we put on hinges.
We can also use it when arranging furniture, or lifting heavy object.
Purpose / Application
The lever designed to lift installed plasterboard and deposition door. Greatly facilitates independent work, leaving your hands free.
Flat front portion of the lever pushed under the mounted disc, press the foot part raised up, it will raise the mounted plate a few centimeters.
Similarly we proceed installing the door themselves.

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