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Gręžimo karūnų rinkinys SDS Plus | 65 mm + 80 mm | 2 vnt. (ES20442)

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Prekės kodas: ES20442


Professional hole for the wall
Size 65 mm and 85 mm
Mounting - SDS Plus
They are designed for drilling holes for electrical cans (diameter of the hole 65mm and 80mm).
In addition, each cutter has an extension for attaching it to both the SDS + bracket and the standard clamping head on each drill.

Drill bits have a toothed ring made of carbide HM sintered carbide. The guide bit also has a carbide insert. This saw is mainly intended for cutting openings for installation boxes and sockets in all types of building materials, ie brick, concrete, glaze, gypsum boards, plasterboard.

The versatility of the application is ensured by carbide inserts - with a 0 degree angle of attack, which at the same time allows for much higher cutting speeds.

Thanks to this, the holes are characterized by a much higher drilling capacity and at the same time has a longer service life.

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