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Hidraulinis kranas | 2000 kg (EJ0402)

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Prekės kodas: EJ0402


Essen Tools
Crane, Workshop lift up to 2 tons

Crane, workshop lift is a very useful device in every garage or garage. The sturdy frame is located on six swivel wheels, which results in easy handling even under full load. The cutter is designed to be universal. The 4 stop points of the winch length correspond to the maximum loading (2t, 1.5t, 1t, 0.5t). The chisel ended with a hook chain. The crane will perfectly fulfill its role in moving heavy objects, equipment and dismantling heavy and bulky parts such as car engines. When folded, the crane takes up very little space and is very easy to store.


Max. Lifting capacity 2 tons
Length of the arm 95cm - 150cm
Max lift arm 260cm
Dimensions of the base [L x W] 176cm x 85cm
Dimensions when folded 62cm x 85cm x 159cm
Number of wheels 6

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