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Ilgintuvas su būgnu | 4 rozetės | 50 m (82694)

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Prekės kodas: 82694


Product description
50m reel extension cable from STHOR 82694. 4-socket extension cable with ground, allows connecting several devices at the same time. By using dust- and splash-proof plugs, it allows indoor and outdoor use, e.g. at construction sites, in the garden, at production plants. It also provides adequate protection against moisture. • 3-core copper cables with a cross-section of 1.5 mm² • cables with thick insulation of natural rubber H05RR-F with high resistance to mechanical damage, atmospheric factors, chemicals (cooling-lubricating oils, gasoline, ethyl and methyl alcohols) • fuse thermal and child protection • max. load: 1200 (230 V), 3000 (400 V) - coiled cable, and 3600 (230 V), 9000 (400 V) - developed cable • equipped with a metal frame • body and drum made made of lightweight and durable plastic • the ergonomic handle ensures easy and convenient carrying, as well as fast winding up of the cord • in accordance with IP44 standard.
Technical data
Index number 82694
EAN 5906083054617
Brand Sthor
Number of outlets 4
Type of reel extension cord
ground so
Length [m] 50
1.5 mm² wire cross section
Number of cores [pcs] 3
Type of insulation H05RR-F
Degree of protection [IP] 44

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