Vamzdelių valcavimo rinkinys (SK8556V)

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Prekės kodas: SK8556V


Essen Tools
"for 4.75mm(3/16"")and 6mm (1/4"")pipes
2-step operation on thin-wall aluminum,metal,and copper pipes
almost no materials loss"

- for flaring thin-walled steel, aluminum
and copper pipes
- suitable for pipe diameters
4.75 mm (3/16 ") and 6:00 mm (1/4")
- solid construction
- can be used in a bench vise
- includes:
basic unit with spindle and handle
4.75 mm clamping jaw
6:00 mm clamping jaw
4.75 mm flare tool (concave + convex)
6:00 mm flare tool (concave + convex)
cylindrical / flat flare tool