Spaustuvai šaltkalvio pasukami | 200 mm (30kg) (YT-65049)

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Prekės kodas: YT-65049


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Numeris YT-65049
EAN 5906083650499
Žandikaulio dydis [mm] 200

Product description
The vice body of the vice is made of gray cast iron, replaceable jaws 200 mm and hardened steel anvil. Trapezoid thread screw fully protected. Vise mounted on turntable. Surface covered with black "hammer" lacquer. Weight approx. 30 kg
Destination / Application
For attaching material during machining.
Technical data
Index Number YT-65049
EAN 5906083650499
Brand Yato
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 31.6000
Master Carton MC 1
Jaw size [cal] 8
Jaw size [mm] 200
material cast iron
Type of fastening
Opening max [mm] 200