Pneumatinis stūmoklis kriauklei valyti | 65 mm / 155 mm (55505)

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Prekės kodas: 55505


Prekės numeris 55505
EAN 5906083555053
Gamintojas Vorel
Svoris (kg) 0,6670
Skersmuo [cm] 6.5 ir 15.5

Product description
Suction and delivery pump 55505 for clearing pipes effectively removes blockages in the water and sewage system. It does not require the use of chemicals. Environment-friendly. Made of the highest quality plastic. Available in the packaging with two diameters: 65mm and 155mm.
Purpose / use
clearing pipes
Technical data
Index number 55505
EAN 5906083555053
Brand Vorel
PCS unit
Gross weight (kg) 0.6670
Master Carton MC 36
Inner Box IB 6
Diameter [cm] 6.5 and 15.5
material plastic