Daugiafunkcinė šlifavimo / pjovimo mašinėlė | su aksesuarais | 300 W (YT-82220)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82220


The YT-82220, thanks to the power of 300 W, allows you to perform even the most demanding tasks facing oscillating multifunction devices. Thanks to speed control it can cut any material without burning or overheating. The Soft Start system makes it easy to keep control of the device at startup, while the tool-less tool change system, Yato Quick Release, allows for quick and easy accessory replacement, which is extremely important in such versatile devices. Thanks to the aluminum head the heat generated by the oscillating mechanism is much better cast, which increases the durability of the device, especially for long-term use.

The included accessory kit allows you to cut, grind and tear off adhesives, coatings and other materials. In addition, the functionality of the device can be extended using the Yato Quick Release accessories.

The multifunctional oscillating tool is the most versatile tool on the market. Using a wide range of Yato accessories, you can cut, cut, grind, remove mortars and glues, scrape paint coatings, and work in areas inaccessible to other equipment. All of this is achieved by high frequency oscillation, so that we maintain complete control of the tool (no "kickback" effect typical for rotational cutting) and with minimal vibration.

Multifunctional oscillating tools and accessories from the Yato Quick Release System allow quick, tool-free replacement of accessories, which makes it much easier and faster.
Contents of the package
Oscillating multifunction device
- suitcase
- cutter tip
- grinding base
- sandpaper
Technical data
Index number YT-82220
EAN 5906083822209
Mark Yato
KPL unit
Gross Weight (kg) 2.6250
Master Carton MC 4
Power [W] 300
Oscillation frequency max [RPM] 22000
Adjustable oscillation frequency YES
Soft start YES

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