Mikrometras | 50-75 mm (YT-72302)

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Prekės kodas: YT-72302


Product description
Technical data
Measuring range: 50 - 75 mm
Accuracy: 0,01 mm
Operating temperature: 5 C - 40 C / 41 F - 104 F
Effect of humidity: No matter less than 80% relative humidity
Destination / Application
For precision measurements in the range of 50 to 75 mm.
How to use
Preparing for work:
- Clean the measuring surfaces and guide. For this purpose use a cotton cloth. Do not use solvents or acids.
- Check the zero position and, if necessary, adjust the attached key so that the line "0" on the drum coincides with the horizontal scale line.

Measurement method:
- The drum can only be rotated after unlocking the clamp.
- Move the measuring surfaces a little wider than the object being measured.
- Then rotate using the drum to coarsely, then continue to tighten by turning the friction clutch knob.
- Stop tightening when the clutch is engaged, ie the further rotation of the knob will not cause the drum to rotate.
- Read the measurement result according to the measuring principle shown in the figure.

It is recommended to mount the measured element or micrometer before starting the measurement. This will achieve the highest measurement accuracy.
It is also recommended to perform several measurements to obtain the arithmetic mean of the results.
Technical data
Index number YT-72302
EAN 5906083723025
Brand Yato
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 0.5750
Master Carton MC 10
Pal 540
material steel
Weight [g] 575

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