Tepalo slėgio matuoklis | su adapteriais | 0-500 PSI/0-35 Bar | 12 vnt. (YT-73030)

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Prekės kodas: YT-73030


EAN 5906083730306
Maksimalus slėgis [bar] 35
Ilgis [mm] 1850
Pakavimas - Lagaminas
elementų [vnt.] 12

Product description
Professional oil pressure gauge. Included in the set of 12 reducers that enable the meter to be used in most engines. The meter is equipped with a special rubber cover, it is scaled up to 35 Bar. The kit comes with an elegant suitcase.
Technical data
Index number YT-73030
EAN 5906083730306
Brand Yato
unit KPL
Gross Weight (kg) 1.4500
Master Carton MC 10
Maximum pressure [bar] 35
Length [mm] 1850
Material aluminum, rubber, brass, plastic
packaging BMC
Number of items 12