Perforatorius SDS PLUS | 800 W (79053)

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Prekės kodas: 79053


Prekės numeris 79053
EAN 5906083790539
Galia [W] 800
Poveikio energija [J] 3.5
padėtys 4
[1 / min] 5000
Greitis [1 / min] 1000
Maksimalus gręžimo skersmuo betone [mm] 24
Įtampa [V] 230
Svoris [kg] 2,9

Product description
Hammer hammer drill designed for construction and installation works, with a powerful 800 W motor, impact frequency 5000 (min-1), impact energy 3.5 J. Tool holder SDS PLUS.
Made of high quality materials, has a rubber cable resistant to damage and 4 modes of operation - drilling with impact, drilling without impact, shoeing and chisel positioning.
Complete with a suitcase equipped with metal latches.
Purpose / use
For drilling with sds-plus drills with a diameter of 5-28mm and drill bits in concrete with a diameter of 68mm
Contents of the package
- hammer drill
- SDS PLUS chisel
- SDS PLUS tip
- SDS PLUS drill bit
- rubberized cover of the SDS PLUS holder
- rod limiting the drilling depth
Technical data
Index number 79053
EAN 5906083790539
The Power Up brand
Gross weight (kg) 5.0000
Power [W] 800
stroke YES
Stroke energy [J] 3.5
Work functions 3
Number of strokes [1 / min] 5000
The number of revolutions [1 / min] 1000
Max drilling diameter in concrete [mm] 28
Voltage [V] 230
Weight [kg] 2.9
SDS plus holder
Application of Concrete

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