Vamzdelių vidinio ir išorinio valymo šepetėliai | 3 viename (YT-63705)

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Prekės kodas: YT-63705


Product description
The brush is intended for cleaning copper pipes and fittings both inside and outside with diameters fi 15mm and fi 22mm. The wire made of stainless steel perfectly removes both patina and any dirt from the surface. Thanks to a thoroughly cleaned surface during soldering, durable and tight joints are obtained.
Purpose / Application
for cleaning copper pipes and fittings
Technical data
Index number YT-63705
EAN 5906083637056
Brand Yato
Gross weight (kg) 0.0950
Material stainless steel, brass, aluminum
Fastening [handle] plastic handle
Diameter [mm] 15 and 22
Type Manual

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