Dažymo pistoletas | HVLP | 600 cm³ | Ø 1.4 mm (H827P)

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Prekės kodas: H827P


Indekso numeris H827P
Gamintojas Luxi
Bendras svoris (kg) 1,2000
Slėgis [bar] 2-6
Pakavimo spalvota dėžutė
Angos dydis [mm] 1,4
Dydis greita jungtis [colių] 1/4 "
Talpa [l / min] 118-201
Talpa [l] 0,6

Guns designed for maximum productivity and quality while reducing operator fatigue contain high quality components ensure long-term reliability.

Gun low pressure (working from 2 atm.) And expect to have about 200-250 liters of air per minute.

The gun has an air pressure adjustment, the amount of paint and the shape of the stream of paint - paint.

Designed with the user in mind.

- Nozzle diameter of 1.4 mm (needle brass)
- Regulation of the quantity and flow of paint
- Regulation of air pressure
- Aluminowy body, a reservoir of 600 mL pojemości
- The recommended operating pressure of from 2 to 6 bar
- The flow of 200-250 l / min
- 1/4 inch quick-fixing.

spray quality
Achieving Superior Finish
Enhanced tip design provides uniform
Spraying and excellent quality of finish.
The unique aircap enables soft spray.
Increased transfer efficiency resulting from the structure, which allows less material pressure and the air.
Adjustable spray pattern means less overspray, less waste material zwiózków less volatile organics (VOCs), and improved productivity.

container with lid 0,6 l
quick male thread internal 1.4 "
cleaning brush

High-quality spray-aided
Maximize operator comfort and productivity
Reduce the overall cost of ownership
Improving the efficiency of application and materials consumption
Comprehensive spray objects
of all shapes and sizes.