Perforatorius SDS PLUS 850W (YT-82120)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82120


Gaminio numeris YT-82120
EAN 5906083821202
Svoris (kg) 5,2250
Galia [W] 850
Kalimo funkcija
Smūgio energija [J] 3
Smūgių skaičius [1 / min] 4900
Greitis [1 / min] 0-1100
Maksimalus gręžimo pajėgumas betone [mm] 26
Įtampa [V] 230
SDS plius

Product description
The universal hammer drill with 850 PV 850 W electropneumatic hammer by YATO. It has a clutch made of high-strength steel, providing excellent protection against overload and operator safety when the drill is stuck (eg on rebar when drilling in reinforced concrete). A special arrangement of ventilation openings protects the device against dust and optimizes the air circulation cooling the rotor. The device has a carbon brush wear indicator, a dust-proof switch with infinitely variable regulation and a direction of rotation switch. The machine provides a stroke frequency of 4900 (min-1) and impact energy of 3 J. The device has a 4-mode operating mode switch.
This hammer drill is dedicated to work requiring quick advances in impact drilling, the possibility of shoeing fissures and drilling without impact.

Purpose / use
Hammer drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete, shoeing fissures, drilling without impact in metal and wood.
Hammer drilling with SDS PLUS drills or slump-free using the reduction of the SDS PLUS holder on the cylindrical holder.
Contents of the package
The factory packaging should contain:
- hammer drill
- additional handle
- drilling depth limiter
- drill chuck cover
Technical data
Index number YT-82120
EAN 5906083821202
Brand Yato
Gross weight (kg) 5.2250
Power [W] 850
so stroke
Stroke energy [J] 3
Functions of work 4
Number of strokes [1 / min] 4900
The number of revolutions [1 / min] 0-1100
Max drilling diameter in concrete [mm] 26
Voltage [V] 230
Weight [kg] 3.6
SDS plus holder
Application of Concrete

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