Vamzdelių valcavimo įrankis 4.75 iki 16 mm (FT525)

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Prekės kodas: FT525


DSZH Tools
Flaring tubes: soft copper, aluminum & brass tubes.
Unique, self-adjusting, tube holding mechanism permits flaring any size tubing within the range of 3/16” to 5/8” (4.75 mm to 16 mm) O.D. Innovative, single-opening design is more compact and easier to use than conventional multi-opening flaring bars. Faceted, hardened steel, chrome finished cone rolls out and burnishes perfect 45° flare above the tube-holding mechanism reducing need for deburring. Original wall thickness is maintained at base of flare. Slip-on self-centering yoke permits use in tight quarters. Large handle, with better leverage, and precision threads on feed screw make flaring effortless. High quality construction with satin chrome and black finish..