Akumuliatorinis gręžtuvas LI- ION 10,8V, 2 akumuliatoriai (YT-82851)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82851


Compact drilling machine. Indispensable for installation, repair, screwdriving and drilling.
Powerful two-speed gearbox gives you the choice of high-speed drilling and turning in 2-speed wood or metal working with high torque in 1 gear. The maximum torque is 24 Nm.
The small size of the device is the ability to reach places where the drill does not fit and interferes with the network cable.
The advantage is a fast 60 min. Charger and 2 batteries included (1.5 Ah Li-ion) that match the YT-82900 battery rechargeable battery.
Destination / Application
Drilling in metal and wood, screwdriving self-drilling screws and ordinary long wood screws. Drilling with feather and regular drills.
How to use
Drilling without drilling and screwdriving. Assembly of bolts and nuts.
Technical data
Index Number YT-82851
EAN 5906083828515
Mark Yato
KPL unit
Gross Weight (kg) 2.6000
LED illuminating the workplace YES
Maximum torque [Nm] 24
Battery voltage [V] 10.8
Battery capacity [Ah] 1.5
Type of Li-Ion battery
Battery status indicator YES
Charging time [min] 60
Number of batteries in set 2

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