Poliravimo mašinėlė | 1200W | 180 mm (YT-82195)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82195


EAN 5906083821950
Gamintojas YATO
Svoris (kg) 1.0000
Galia [W] 1200
Sukimosi greitis max [rpm] 1000-3000
Skersmuo [mm] 180
Greitis [1 / min] 1000-3000
Kabelio ilgis [m] 5
Svoris [kg] 3,7
Taikymas: Dažai, lakai, glaistymo, medienos

Variable-speed grinding machine, designed for surface treatment of metal, stone and wood.
The high torque of the spindle makes it easy to distribute polishing paste and wax on large surfaces such as car body parts or stair steps.
A 5 m power cable allows the machine to be operated around the work surface freely.
The weight of the polisher makes it possible to work without the operator having to press down without causing fatigue.
The compacted copper winding is suitable for long-term operation.
The device features a carbon brush quick change system and a high-quality stop switch for continuous operation.
Destination / Application
Machining of metal surfaces, stone, wood.
How to use
Polishing using polishing pastes or wax.
Technical data
Index Number YT-82195
EAN 5906083821950
Mark Yato
Unit SZT
Gross Weight (kg) 6.0000
Power [W] 1200
Rotational speed max [RPM] 1000-3000
Diameter [mm] 180
Rotational speed [1 / min] 1000-3000
Cable length [m] 5
Weight [kg] 3.7
Application Paints, varnishes, putty, wood

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