Tepalo slėgio matuoklis su antgaliais | 0-500 PSI | ilga žarna (57675V)

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Prekės kodas: 57675V


Engine oil pressure control kit. It allows early detection of oil pump failure or contaminated oil channels. This may mean a reduction in the cost of general repair of a worn engine. Set in a handy suitcase, it fits most engines. It can be used in both petrol and diesel engines. A set of many adapters will allow you to choose the right tip. The pressure gauge has a rubber sheath which protects it from damage after falling. The tester has a long flexible hose.

Measuring range: 0-500 PSI / 0-35 bar.
Unit on manometer: PSI and Bar
Length of the hose: 60cm
Number of adapters included: 12
Application: trucks and cars

2.5 "gauge (0 - 35 bar) and 600 mm hose with 1/8" tip.
9 adapters
Convenient storage case