Metalo, paslėptų medžio profilių detektorius ir laidų po tinku ieškiklis (YT-73131)

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Prekės kodas: YT-73131


Gaminio numeris YT-73131
EAN 5906083731310
Gamintojas YATO
1 vnt
Bendras svoris (kg) 1,0000
Metalo aptikimas yra
Medienos profilių aptikimas yra
Plikų laidų aptikimas yra
Aptikimo feromagnetinių metalų: 80 gylis
Aptikimo spalvotųjų metalų Gylis 60
Aptikimo gyvų laidų Gylis 50
Aptikimo gylis medinių profilių 20

Product description
The professional YT-73131 wires and profiles detector allows for wall or drywall detection:
- live wires
Ferromagnetic metals
- non-ferrous metals
- wooden construction elements

Product description
Professional detector of wires and profiles YT-73131 allows detection in walls or dry buildings:
- live wires
- ferromagnetic metals
- non-ferrous metals
- wooden construction elements

The application of the YATO YT-73131 profile detector significantly speeds up work, increases safety and minimizes the risk of accidental damage to electrical or plumbing installations placed under the plaster. Thanks to him, you can precisely drill a hole, drive a nail and install a drywall for a wooden structure. It also allows you to complete the technical documentation of buildings.

Large and clear display, with LED backlight, informs us about:
- selected function
- signal strength [%]
- distance from the searched item [cm]
- a central location relative to the sensor

In addition, the detector has an audible signal and three signaling diodes, in green / orange / red, which additionally indicate the detection of the searched material.

The automatic shutdown function after 5 minutes allows you to save battery life.

On the underside of the detector there are inserts made of soft material that, when in contact with the surface, protect it against dirt or scratches.
Purpose / use
Used to detect:
- wires
- ferromagnetic metals
- non-ferrous metals
- wooden elements
According to the instruction manual
Contents of the package
- cable and profile detector
- case
- user manual
Technical data
Index number YT-73131
EAN 5906083731310
Brand Yato
Gross weight (kg) 0.3130
Metal detection x
Detection of wooden profiles x
Detection of live wires x
Depth of detection of ferromagnetic metals 80
Depth of detection of non-ferrous metals 60
Depth of detection of live wires 50
Depth of detection of wooden profiles 20

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