Kopėčios/platforma universalios (17704)

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Prekės kodas: 17704


Indekso numeris 17704
EAN 5906083177040
Gamintojas Vorel

Product description
4x3 multifunction ladder with a maximum height of 3.4 m. Meets the requirements of European standard PN EN131 with a load capacity of 150 kg. It consists of four segments joined by strong and durable joints. All joints have bolt locks, allowing for quick and convenient change of ladder settings according to your needs. Thanks to this it is possible to place it in many positions, including:

- straight - straight 3.4 m
Platform - platform 0.9 m and platform length up to 1.4 m (to be used with platforms 17705)
- painting - free standing type-A 1.66 m
- sub floor - 2.5 m allows to set under the roof eaves to repair or clean gutters or roofing work
- staircase - allows to set up on the stairs

The strings are made of reinforced steel sections with a thickness of 0.9 mm, which are much stronger than aluminum. This increases stability and safety and extends the life of the ladder. Aluminum alloys are made of 1.2 mm thick profiles, which on each side have profiled non-slip surfaces. In addition, the ladder is terminated with two broad stabilizers, greatly increasing the stability and safety during use. Each stabilizer has two profiled anti-slip feet that increase adhesion to the substrate in each ladder position.

The folding ladder is only 93.5x34.5x27 cm and has a number of advantages:
- transportation - even in the trunk of a passenger car; Thanks to this, it is not necessary to carry it on roof trunks or trucks; This also reduces the risk of theft
- moving - easy and convenient transfer especially in staircases; Eliminates the risk of scratching or damaging the walls
- storage - the ability to store it in small business rooms, lockers, balconies, cellars, garage or even in niche cabinets
Destination / Application
Thanks to the use of joints it is possible to place the ladder in many positions, including:
- straight - straight
- platform - platform - for use with the 17705 platform
- painting - stand-alone type-A
- underframe - allows you to position under the roof eaves to repair or clean gutters or roofing works
- staircase - allows to set up on the stairs
Technical data
Index number 17704
EAN 5906083177040
Marka Vorel
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 16.5000
Maximum length of 3.4m
Number of rungs 4x3
Maximum load capacity 150kg
Composite dimension 93.5x34.5x27cm
Material aluminum, carbon steel

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