Platforma daugiafunkcinėms kopėčioms (17705)

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Prekės kodas: 17705


Product description
2-part platform for multifunctional ladder 4x3 (VOREL 17704). The set consists of 2 platforms with a size of 56x29.5 cm and 83x29.5 cm. They are made of durable galvanized steel sheet that provides a load capacity of up to 150 kg. After installing the platforms on the VOREL 17704 multifunctional ladder, a platform with dimensions of 140x29,5 cm is obtained. So much usable space reduces the need for frequent ladder adjustment, which significantly affects the speed of work. In addition, the user has the opportunity to place the necessary materials and tools next to each other, which significantly increases the comfort of work and eliminates the need to stop work and descend from the ladder. Platforms have anti-slip tabs that reduce the risk of falling. On the other hand, mounting hooks secure platforms against sliding during work.
Technical data
Index number 17705
EAN 5906083177057
Brand Vorel
unit KPL
Gross weight (kg) 4.4000
The maximum length is 140cm
Maximum load capacity 150kg
The compound dimension 56x29.5cm and 83x29.5cm
Steel sheet material

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