Superglue klijai | Vidutinis klampumas | Buteliukas su stovu 25 g (80607)

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Prekės kodas: 80607


latest generation cyanoacrylate adhesive
for bonding a wide variety of material connections
(metal, rubber, wood, cardboard, ceramics and most plastics) to themselves and to each other
despite residual flexibility, a very high strength is achieved with most materials
remains flexible with fast hand-tight
no impairment of electronic components
innovative dosing:
no running
valve gate
no clogging of the grommets
easy application of the adhesive
precise dosing
basis: methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate
colour: transparent, clear
viscosity 25°C (Brookfield): approx.120 - 250 mPa.s
density: approx. 1.12 g / cm³
gap filling capacity: < 0.1 mm
temperature resistance: from -50 to + 80 °C
hand-tight: approx. 10 - 120 seconds
final strength: 24 hours
Technical data
Gross weight 10 g

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