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suitable for gluing jewellery glass, lead crystal glass, also laminated glass (for example, car window panes and car rear-view mirrors)
not suitable for aquariums
the adhesive automatically hardens under UV exposure by means of the included UV lamp, or by direct sunlight.
suitable for gluing, fixing, sealing, repairing, securing, filling, sealing, modelling, insulating
bonds clear glass, plastics, metals, wood and stone reliably and with a high degree of strength
At the press of a button, you yourself decide:
when the adhesive reacts and sets
how fast the adhesive reacts
how high the stiffness is to be
how hard the adhesive is to become
how elastic the adhesion will stay
ideal for modelling, glass, acrylic, wood, porcelain, jewellery, metals, rubber, auto glass, insulation, waterproofing
Temperature resistance: max. -40°C to 120 °C
Shore hardness D: max. 55
Tensile strength: max. 200 kg/cm2
Viscosity 20°C: 2,500 - 5,000 mPa.s
Scope of delivery:

Superglue bottle 3g
UV lamp
Technical data
Gross weight 40 g
Packaging suitable for wall hanging Yes

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