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suitable for repair of minor dents
No filling or painting work necessary
reduces time and cost
air dent puller with air flow control valve
foot made from stainless steel, with PVC protection
pneumatic cylinder with front air exhaust, makes centre shaft movement smooth and helps to cool down the hotmelt glue
compressed air connection: 6,3 mm (1/4")
operating pressure: 3 – 10 bar (40 – 145 PSI)
Noise level 6.3 bar: LpA 66.5 db(A) / LwA 77.5 db(A)
Vibration: ahd 0.4 m/s² / K 0.53 m/s²
incl. 10 dent pads in various sizes / shapes and one extension adaptor
Technical data
Gross weight 1830 g
CE Standard Yes

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