Stiklo pjovimo trosas | nailonas | 50 m (9115)

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Prekės kodas: 9115


for damage-free cutting of glued windshields
excellent cutting performance, comparable to conventional metal-cutting wires
soft and flexible for preventing damage to painted and sensitive surfaces
especially suitable for Professional Windshield Removing Tool (BGS 69505)
can also be used as OEM tool VAS 861 001 / 1A
diameter: 1.3 mm
length: 50 m
Technical data
To be used as OEM1 VAS861001 | VAS861001A Audi
To be used as OEM2 VAS861001 | VAS861001A Volkswagen
To be used as OEM3 VAS861001 | VAS861001A Skoda
To be used as OEM4 VAS861001 | VAS861001A Seat
Packaging suitable for wall hanging Yes
Gross weight 70 g

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