Dažymo pistoletas | HVLP | 600 cm³ | Ø 1.4 mm / Ø 1.7 mm | rinkinys 3 in 1 (H827-SET)

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Prekės kodas: H827-SET


Dažymo pistoletas HVLP:
oro srauto reguliatorius,
papildoma galvutė su adata (Ø 1.4 mm / Ø 1.7 mm)
kiti aksesuarai

LOW PRESSURE spray gun H.V.L.P

  guns, designed for maximum productivity and quality while reducing operator fatigue contain high quality components ensure long-term reliability.
    Gun low pressure (working from 2 atm.) And expect to have about 200-250 liters of air per minute.
    The gun has an air pressure adjustment, the amount of paint and the shape of the stream of paint - paint.
    Designed with the user in mind.

Gun HVLP made with - adjusted to a lower pressure, which leads to a saving up to 30% varnish. For work gun for an appropriate compressed air system with compressed air at a regulated pressure to 0.3 MPa. The principle of operation is based on the intake air compressed by a suitable amount of paint from the reservoir of the emulsion ink and the formation of overspray (paint particles and gas) at the outlet of the gun nozzle. Fog covers the painted surface of a dense and uniform layer of varnish.

Spray gun:
- Nozzle diameter of 1.4 mm (needle brass)
- Regulation of the quantity and flow of paint
- Adjustable air pressure
- Aluminum body, a reservoir with a capacity of 600 ml
- Recommended working pressure of 2 to 3.5 bars
- The flow of 200-250 l / min
- 1/4 inch quick-fixing
- Thread connection: 1/4 "
- Nominal pressure: 0-8bar
- Maximum pressure: 10.3 bar


- Gun HVLP 1.4 mm,
- An additional nozzle 1.7,
- Cup on lacquer capacity
- The key to opening the gun,
- Brush for cleaning gun
- End of the hose,
- At the end of the quick,
- Reducer with a clock