Specialūs superklijai | "2-IN-1" | vidutinė klampa | Butelis 20g | UV lempa (80611)

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Prekės kodas: 80611


Latest generation cyanoacrylate adhesive
characterised by the two different hardening possibilities - by UV light and by humidity
This means that even non-translucent materials can be transparently connected without any defects and excess adhesive can be hardened in 1-2 seconds
Can also be used as a casting compound
fast curing and powerful adhesive
for bonding a wide variety of material connections
(metal, rubber, PMMA, ceramics and most plastics) to themselves and to each other

Precise dosing
Easy application of the adhesive
No clogging of the grommets
Valve gate
No running
Due to the innovative dosing option

Basis: Alkoxy ethyl cyanoacrylate with photo initiator
colour: transparent, yellow liquid
Viscosity 25°C (Brookfield): 190 - 230 mPa.s
Density: approx. 1.19 g / cm³
Gap filling capacity: 0.15 mm
Temperature resistance: from -50 to + 80 °C
Hand-tight: approx. 10 - 130 seconds
Final strength: 24 hours
Special feature: Hardening by humidity and UV light

Battery: 3.7V Li-Ion, 3500mA, type 18650
mains charger: Input 100 - 240 V (AC) / 50-60Hz | output 3.7 V / 450 mA
4.2 V +/-1 % at the end of charge

Scope of delivery:

Superglue bottle 20g
UV lamp
Battery charger
Transport box

Technical data
Gross weight 260 g

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