Spaustuvas su varžtu "C" tipo 1", 25 mm (YT-64250)

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Prekės kodas: YT-64250


The index number YT-64250
EAN 5906083003349
Brand Yato
unit PCS
Gross Weight (kg) 0.1150
Master Carton MC 100
Pal 6000
Size [mm] 25
Type C crush
Size [inch] 1

Stable clamps are made of high quality ductile cast iron. They have a set screw thread with a special chamfer, made of steel symbol A3 finished galvanizing.
Body with additional reinforcement ribs rigidity of the structure. The surface corrosion-resistant layer of the applied powder paint. Set screw has a movable pin secured against falling out. It allows a very strong tightening fixture material. The frame is extremely resistant to torsion and vibration.
A pressure plate with a large surface made of metal is mounted pivotally on the ball joint makes it easier to squeeze a precise fit to the surface of the material.
C-clamp screw, due to its construction is one of the most gripping clamps, and therefore can be used in extreme conditions, and industrial construction. When installing heavy steel constructions, carpentry and roofing work, often used for welding