Poliravimo diskas baltas | 125 mm x 22 mm (FT0064)

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Prekės kodas: FT0064


Flap Polishing Buffing Felt Disc 125mm x 22mm

DISC DISC FELT - polishing for an angle grinder Ø 125 mm x 22.2 mm

FEATURES: Fan grinders of felt are made of sheets of material arranged on the surface of fan-drive lamelkowego. Drive finned disc is a semi-rigid fiberglass.

The offer includes grinding an outer diameter of 125 mm


Shield designed for polishing parts and components of a variety of products (stainless steels, aluminum, etc.).
Shield fits into any grinding / polishing 125
Mounting: 22.2 mm
The thickness of the working surface 8 mm.
Highest quality felt - for polishing surfaces
Designed to work with polishing pastes