UV žibintuvėlis ir akiniai kondicionavimo sistemos nuotėkio aptikimui (82756)

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Prekės kodas: 82756


21 led
Product description
UV lamp designed to detect car air conditioning system leaks with a contrast agent. Supplied with UV protection to comply with the European Personal Protection Equipment Directive.

• Precise UV wavelength (395 nm) for clear contrast detection
• Aluminum housing
• Small dimensions
• Practical pendant
Destination / Application
Detection of leaks in car air conditioning systems, amber searching, banknote tester, animal urine spotting
Contents of the package
• a flashlight
• UV glasses
Technical data
Index Number 82756
EAN 5906083827563
Marka Vorel
unit KPL
Gross Weight (kg) 1.0000
Light source 21 LED UV
UV color 395 nm
Power 3 x AAA
Class of protection III
Degree of protection [IP] IP 20
aluminum housing
Black Colour
Dimensions [mm] 100 x 35
Packing box color box