Izoliuotų atsuktuvų rinkinys elektrikui 50vnt. VDE (YT-28293)

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Prekės kodas: YT-28293


Product description
Insulated screwdriver with 48 YATO YT-28293 terminals. Made of durable, tool steel S2. The multi-component VDE-certified handle provides insulation up to 1000 V, making the tool suitable for low voltage installations.
Technical data
Index Number YT-28293
EAN 5906083002687
Mark Yato
KPL unit

Working length [mm] 100
Model / destination Electrical
Size of the tip Mix sizes /
Number of items 50

S2 HRC54-61, REFRACTORINESS ACCORDING STANDARD: ASME.B.107.15-2002, COLOUR: YELLOW WITH RED; SIZES: 7PCS SLOTTED: 0.4*2.0*100, 0.4*2.5*100, 0.5*3.0*100, 0.6*3.5*100, 0.8*4.0*100, 1.0*5.5*100, 1.2*6.5*100; 3PCS PHILLIPS: PH0*100, PH1*100, PH2*100; 3PCS POZIDR PZ0*100, PZ1*100, PZ2*100; 9PCS TORX: T6*100, T8*100, T9*100, T10*100, T15*100, T20*100, T25*100, T27*100, T30*100; 5PCS HEX: H2.5* H3.0*100, H4.0*100, H5.0*100, H6.0*100; 2PCS SQUARE: R1*100, R2*100; 4PCS TRIANGLE: TRI 1*100, TRI 2*100, TRI 3*100, TRI 4*100; 4PC TORO: TORO 4*100, TORO 6*100, TORO 8*100, TORO 10*100; 3PCS TWELVE ANGLE: M4*4.0*100, M5*5.0*100, M6*5.0*100; 4PCS U: 4*100, 6*100, 8*100, 10*100; 4PCS: KEY89, TRI 89, SQUARE (6.3*89), SQUARE (8.1*89); 1PC INSULATED REPLACEABLE HANDLE 31*110; 1PC INSULATED VOLTAG TESTER3.0*70; NYLON BAG