Vamzdelių sujungimo replės 260mm, 5 ašmenų (YT-22380)

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Prekės kodas: YT-22380


Product description
Specialized pliers designed to reduce the diameter of the combined pipes, for example sheet metal drain pipes / ducts or furnace pipes. Used mostly by roofers, tin plumbers, ducts, ventilation installers and gutter systems
Made of high-grade steel, they have five bending jaws. The efficient articulation mechanism multiplies the pressure force of the jaw causing the pipe edge to be tapped and its diameter reduced. This allows one tube section to be inserted in the other and to make a permanent connection.
Destination / Application
To reduce the diameter of the sheet metal pipes during the pressing.
How to use
Insert the edge of the connecting pipe between the open jaws of the pliers and firmly squeeze their hilt.
The edge of the tube will be undulating, moving the pliers repeatedly until the perimeter of the tube is clearly reduced.
Technical data
Index number YT-22380
EAN 5906083023613
Brand Yato
PCS unit
Gross Weight (kg) 0.5280
Master Carton MC 36
Inner Box IB 6
Pal 432