Terkšlinių dvipusių raktų rinkinys | 6x8-19x22 mm | 5 vnt. (1450V)

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Prekės kodas: 1450V



The keys are very solid and are made of high-grade corrosion-resistant steel.
Keys on both sides have ratchet mechanisms with left-right switch.
Ideal for use in hard to reach areas.
Easy and fast tightening and unscrewing in the most difficult conditions without having to change the key.
The use of ratchet wrenches allows you to reduce the running time by eliminating 2 moves in the key cycle, which greatly reduces the running time.

6 mm x 8 mm
10 mm x 12 mm
13 mm x 14 mm
15 mm x 17 mm
19 mm x 22 mm