Daugiafunkcinis įrankis su nusiurbimu | 500W (YT-82223)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82223


Product description
Multi high speed wood sanding grinder, AC5 class panels, steel and sheet metal, gutters, pvc, MDF doors, plexiglass, aluminum.
It also enables the cutting of wall ceramics, the removal of joints between the tile and the dust-free wood grinding by dust extraction with the connection to the vacuum cleaner.
High power causes the blade to not clamp and not work under heavy load. The tool also has a soft starter system. The YT-82223 multi-feeder head can be used on most open and closed saw blades.
The tool is very useful when making furniture from pallets, renovating windows and wooden doors, and during assembly of panels and skirting boards, removing vinyl and pvc tiles, scraping vinyl wallpaper,
Great for low power applications that fail to pass the exam.

Application / Application
Cutting rectangular openings in furniture panels, panels, sheets. Cutting hardwood, panels AC5; roof tiles (with BiM blades), dust-free grinding of wooden windows and furniture before applying stain or lacquer.
How to use
Cutting of metal at low engine speed and cutting of wood at maximum speed, wood grinding with detachable system connected to the vacuum cleaner
Contents of the package
Included in the package are spare blades for cutting wood, metal, grinding, scratching wallpaper
Technical data
Index number YT-82223
Power [W] 500
Oscillation frequency max [RPM] 8000-16000
Adjusting the oscillation frequency 8000-16000
Soft start yes
Application Wood and metal