Akmenų ištraukėjas, griebtuvas akmenims (35020)

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Prekės kodas: 35020


Product description
Imak brukarski, cobblestone extractor adjustable
Purpose / use
A durable pavers for pulling paving stones from a laid surface.

- Adjustment of the grip width in the range
max: 275mm, min: 80mm, graduated every 6mm.

- A construction that makes work easier, in which the axis
the drawn cube is always located
in the axis of the device, independently
from setting the width of the aacka.

- Equipped with replaceable blades
made of hardened steel, fastened
on two screws.
Technical data
Index number 35020
EAN 5906083029837
Brand Vorel
PCS unit
material metal
Application Concrete, concrete, stone