Refraktometras (SK2148)

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Prekės kodas: SK2148


Essen Tools
Measuring Range: -60 ~ 0°C (66.6%~0%) Ethylene Glycol ; -50 ~ 0°C (62.4%~0%) Propylene Glycol ; 1.100 - 1.400kg/l Battery Fluids SG
Division: 5°C (Ethylene & Propylene Glycol) ; 0.01kg/l Battery Fluids SG
Accuracy: ±5°C (Ethylene & Propylene Glycol) ; ±0.01kg/l Battery Fluids SG
LIGHTWEIGHT, Made with highest and finest quality of ALUMINUM & rubber
Fully Equipped with ATC, Automatic Temperature Compensation, automatically adjust or ambient shifts in outdoor temperatures, while still yielding accurate results.