Pompa dyzeliui siaura | Ø 38 mm | 12V (TA-38C)

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Prekės kodas: TA-38C



Product description
Portable pump for pumping diesel, etc.
The rotary self-priming vane pump is equipped with a valve and an external filter.
The set includes 3 meters of power cable with ON / OFF switch ended with keys.
A sieve is mounted on the underside of the pump to prevent pumping of dirt. The strainer is easy to clean.
Mechanical seals of the pump allow you to work at low temperatures.
With the pump, you pump fuel, water, rare oils and others from each tank and container.
Its engine is cooled by the pumped liquid.
It is perfect for use in trucks, tractors, boats, power generators and other means of transport. which use diesel oil.