Akumuliatorius | LI- ION / 18V | 2,0 Ah (YT-82842)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82842


2,0 Ah ličio jonų akumuliatorius visiems "Yato 18V" platforminiams įrenginiams:
Product description
An efficient lithium-ion battery equipped with a system protecting the cells against overheating and loss of capacity. Thanks to the charge indicator, the user controls the working time. The battery charging cycle lasts only an hour, while maintaining full battery performance for many seasons.

full charging time: 60 minutes
4-stage charge indicator
protection against overheating of battery cells
no memory effect - you can recharge the battery at any time, without the risk of damage to the cells and a drop in their capacity
fast charging
suitable for all devices from the 18 V system
available in ready-made tool kits (2 Ah) and for purchase separately

Suitable for:

Drill drivers (YT-82780, YT-82781, YT-82782, YT-82783, YT-82794, YT-82795), impact drills (YT-82786, YT-82787, YT-82788, YT-82789, YT82796, YT-82797), impact wrench (YT-82804, YT-82805), circular saw (YT-82810, YT-82811), reciprocating saw (YT-82814, YT-82815), jigsaw (YT-82822, YT -82823), grass trimmer (YT-82830, YT-82831), hedge trimmer (YT-82832, YT-82833), telescopic hedge cutters (YT-82834, YT-82835), pruning shears (YT-82836, YT-82833) 82837), angle grinder (YT-82826, YT-82827), impact wrench (YT-82800, YT-82801)

Charger: YT-82848

 Technical data
Index number YT-82842
Brand Yato

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