Akumuliatorius | LI- ION / 18V | 4,0 Ah (YT-82844)

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Prekės kodas: YT-82844


4,0 Ah ličio jonų akumuliatorius visiems "Yato 18V" platforminiams įrenginiams:
4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery for all Yato 18V platform devices:

 Suitable for:

Screwdrivers (YT-82780, YT-82781, YT-82782, YT-82783 YT-82794 YT-82795) Impact screwdrivers (YT-82786, YT-82787, YT-82788, YT-82789, YT82796, YT-82797) Keys Impact wheel saw (YT-82804, YT-82805) Circular saw (YT-82810, YT-82811) Reciprocating saw (YT-82814, YT-82815)), Jigsaws (YT-82822, YT-82823) Trimmers (YT- 82830; YT-82831) hedge trimmer (YT-82832, YT-82833) Telescopic hedge trimmers (YT-82834, YT-82835) and pruning shears (YT-82836, YT-82837) Angle grinder 125mm (YT-82826, YT-82827) Impact wrench (YT-82800; YT-82801) Chargers (YT-82848)

The battery cells are protected against overheating,
The battery is long-lasting and can be recharged many times without worrying about reducing the capacity
The full charging time is 120 minutes
Technical data
Index number YT-82844
Brand Yato

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