Mediniai kaiščiai / grąžtai, centro žymekliai, ribotuvas | 6 mm | 17 vnt. (YT-44112)

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Prekės kodas: YT-44112


Product description
The kit includes a special wood drill bit, a drilling depth stop with a locking wrench and dowel marks to match
The set also includes connecting pins made of beech wood.

Purpose / use
For making dowel joints fi 6 mm.
Determine the depth of the hole by inserting and blocking the limiter on the drill in the drilled hole, place the marker, apply the combined element, press and mark the drilling site. Insert the pins in the holes.
Contents of the package
Drill for wood Ø 6 mm, drill depth stop fi 6 mm, key for blocking the stop, four markers fi 6 mm for determining the drilling location, ten milled beech wood dowels.
Technical data
Index number YT-44112
EAN 5906083031946
Brand Yato
PCS unit
Gross weight (kg) 0.0600
Master Carton MC 100
Inner Box IB 4
Pal 2400
Quantity [pcs] 17
Material wood, steel
Diameter [mm] 6