Baldinis kabiamūšis akumuliatorinis iki 14 mm (78157)

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Prekės kodas: 78157


It is designed for fast connection of various materials
(e.g. wood with fabrics, carton, paper or leather) with the use
of metal staples applied with a great force. The appliance is used
in upholstery, roofi ng, carpentry, fi nishing and construction works,
for attachment of upholstery soffi t boards and other upholstery materials,
as well as insulation fi lms and insulation membranes, lathing materials
or initial fi xing of roofi ng papers during roofi ng. The stapler is designed
for application of rectangular staples with a length of 6-12 mm.
• protection against
accidental activation
• high speed of work
• the possibility of stapling
in hard wood
• easy installation of staples
• durable Li-Ion battery
– power: 3,6 V 1,3 Ah
• universal micro USB
charger (included)

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