Vežimėliai / platformos perstumti automobiliui | 2 vnt. | 1500 Lbs (WD2-1500)

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Prekės kodas: WD2-1500


Essen Tools
Large Load Capacity Of Up To 1500 Lbs Each
Super Strong Quality, Well Built, Solid Construction
Easy Installation
No-Slip Diamond Tread
Two Locking Casters Per Dolly
Rust Resistant Finish
Factory Direct Pricing Without Middleman Mark-Ups
Great For Garage Or Professional Use
2 Year Warranty
In Stock In The Local And Ready To Ship
Move Vehicles With Ease
Move And Position Cars And Light Vans Quickly
Easily In Confined Spaces, Flexibility
Reference Info: Dollies Withstand The Weight Of A Car And Are Easy To Maneuver