Pompa dyzeliui siaura | Ø 51 mm | 24V (TA-5124)

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Prekės kodas: TA-5124


Product description
Portable pump for pumping diesel and media with a viscosity of up to 5 cSt at operating temperature. The rotary self-priming vane pump is equipped with a valve and an external filter. Mechanical seals of the pump allow you to work at low temperatures. If the voltage changes, it is not necessary to adapt the pump or change the fuses.

By means of a pump, you pump fuel, water, thin oils and other liquids from each tank and container. The set contains a 2 m cable terminated with frogs for the battery. It is an excellent distributor designed to transfer diesel oil from tanks and is therefore used everywhere where it is necessary to provide this fuel, for example on farms, construction sites, shipyards, companies using their own transport and private homes. The device does not require any maintenance .

Technical data:
pump housing: Acid resistant steel
filt: external
cables: 3 meters with clamps and switch
motor protection degree: IP 55
A set of terminals for the battery
Diesel pump(51mm) 24V Rated Voltage: DC□24V
Power: 60W
Flow: 30L/min
Rev: 8500r.p.m
Diameter: 51mm
Dia. of Outlet: 19mm
Wire length: 3m